Willow Rosenberg


Born: Unknown
Species: Witch

Willow Rosenberg is a fictional character on Buffy

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Genius-level intellect.

  • Expert in computer hacking and robotics.

Though originally a perfectly normal human being, Willow's interest in - and practice of - witchcraft led her to ultimately blossom into a powerful witch whose powers are beyond imagination and far superior to even those of fully-trained natural-born witches. Examples of her numerous formidable abilities include:

  • Perform all manner of spells, rituals, and transmogrifications independently or with the aid of others



t and perform incredible magical feats such as flight, telekinesis, telepathy, force-field generation, portal- creation, mind-control, energy-manipulation (photokinesis), and regeneration by sheer force of will, and all to a highly advanced level.

Powerful MagicksEdit



The Corporalization spell- "SOLID!"

Dissolution spell- "Dissolvo..."

My Will Be Done- "Control without, control within. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind... Out of my passions a web is spun, thus here forth... My will be done."

My WIll be Safe- "By force of heart and mindful power. By waxing time & waning hour, Ancient powers shall hear my plea. That she I love must now be free."

Protective Barrier- "Hear, hear, hear this plea... That thy circling arms are protecting me. All my foes shall rise,then fall. As thy circling arms erect a wall."

Vine Bondage Spell- "Kali, Hera, Chronos, Tonic... air like nectar black as onyx. Cassiel, by thy second star, hold my victim as in tar!"

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