975 AD

Penalties for witchcraft and using healing magic were relatively mild.  The English Confessional of Egbert said in part "If a Woman works Witchcraft and enchantment and uses magical philters, she shall fast for twelve months.  If she kills anyone withher philters, she shall fast for seven years."
Fasting in this case only involved consuming bread and water.

1326-1330 AD

The Church orders the Inquisition to investigate witchcraft and to develop demonology, the theory of a diabolic origin to the craft.  The concept of witches as evil sorcerers was expanded to include the belief that they swore alliegance to Santan, had sexual relations with the Devil and Kinapped and ate Children.

1347-1349 AD

The Black Death spread across Europe and conspiricy theories with it involving Lepers, Jews, Muslims, and Witches.  They all were accused of poisoning the wells and spreading the disease.
Meanwhile in Devan the "Cult of Diana" co-existed with Christianity and even the monks paid tribute to her at her wooden shrines.
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