Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and beings with the power of the mind. Users of this power can channel it through both the eyes and the hands.

Strength and Skill:


The strength of Telekinesis can greatly vary depending on the user and the amount of control they possess. Telekinesis is initially triggered by anger. Through experience and training, users of this power can increase their precision and accuracy, as well the weight moved and the distance it can be used over. When users become more experienced, they can also learn to use their power in more complex ways.

Abilities that can Develop:

Deviation is the skill to use powers to redirect magical attacks. Users of Telekinesis can learn to redirect magical attacks, such as Energy Balls and Fire Throwing, back at their enemies. This ability can also be used on non-magical attacks, such as bullets or blades. Prue Halliwell first displayed this power when she redirected an Energy Ball back at a demon, vanquishing him with his own power.Edit

Crushing and StrangulationEdit

Crushing is the ability to surround an object with such force or pressure until it is crushed, shattered or turned to dust. Users of Telekinesis can use their power to crush objects or powers by surrounding it with kinetic force. Telekinetics can also use their power to strangle opponents by applying force around their throats.

Strength, Agility and LevitationEdit

Users of Telekinesis can use their power to increase their physical strength, speed and agility, allowing them to perform inhuman feats.

==Advanced Telekinesis ==

is the more powerful and advanced form of Telekinesis. Users of this power can move a great number of objects and beings at once and at great distances. Users can also fire blasts of highly concentrated kinetic energy, capable of causing huge destruction and vanquish beings.

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