Golden Rider Tarot Deck

Tarot Cards are a pack of usually about seventy eight different cards symbolizing different aspects of life. They are mostly used for divinatory purposes.

List of CardsEdit


Major ArcanaEdit

  • The Fool (0)
  • The Magician (I)
  • The High Priestess (II)
  • The Empress (III)
  • The Emperor (IV)
  • The Hierophant (V)
  • The Lovers (VI)
  • The Chariot (VII)
  • Justice (VIII)
  • The Hermit (IX)
  • Wheel of Fortune (X)
  • Strength/Fortitude (XI)
  • The Hanged Man/The Traitor (XII)
  • Death (XIII)
  • Temperance (XIV)
  • The Devil (XV)
  • The Tower/Fire (XVI)
  • The Star (XVII)
  • The Moon (XVIII)
  • The Sun (XIX)
  • Judgment/The Angel (XX)
  • The World (XXI)

Minor ArcanaEdit

Swords (Spades) Wands (Staves/Rods/Clubs) Cups (Hearts) Pentacles (Coins/Disks)
One (Ace) One (Ace) One (Ace) One (Ace)
Two Two Two Two
Three Three Three Three
Four Four Four Four
Five Five Five Five
Six Six Six Six
Seven Seven Seven Seven
Eight Eight Eight Eight
Nine Nine Nine Nine
Ten Ten Ten Ten
Princess/Page/Jack Princess/Page/Jack Princess/Page/Jack Princess/Page/Jack
Prince/Knight Prince/Knight Prince/Knight Prince/Knight
Queen Queen Queen Queen
King/Knight King/Knight King/Knight King/Knight


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