The Suit of Wands (also known as the Suit of Staves/Rods/Clubs/Batons) is one of the four suits of the minor arcana in Tarot

  • Element: Fire
  • Aspects of: Spirituality, Will


In divination, the suit of wands represents the element of fire (the Spiritual aspects of humanity), and gives information relating to the traits of the fire element in astrology. It is this aspect of fire that equates the wands to masculine endevours more so than to the Swords, as Cups (the feminine symbol) is equated to water. Additionally it represents the peasant or farmer class of feudal society (the Latin suit is commonly called Staves or Rods), and relates to simplicity and to nature, as well as to poverty and submission.  In The Book of Thoth, the suit of wands is associated with the action of the Will. The suit represents the rural Third Estate (the farmers, laborers, and peasants).

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