Anise has sweetly, aromatic leaves, rounded at the base and narrower on the stem, with umbels of flowers followed by aromatic fruits.

Uses in Witchcraft:Edit

v  To make one fall in love with an other

v  To protect and to avert all evil

v  Purification,

v  Protection;

v  entices spirits to aid in spells;

v  divination;

v  psychic awareness;

v  youth

v   In a pillow it wards off nightmares. \

Legal matters



psychic shield

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    Anise is used in cough mixtures, as it is expectorant and soothes spasms of irritant coughs and bronchial problems. It promotes estrogen production and is used to encourage breast milk, ease childbirth, and stimulate libido. Tiny amounts of the essential oil, produced from the seeds, are added to toothpaste, perfumes and mouthwashes, and are used to mask bitter medicines, but in large amounts Anise is highly toxic. The seeds are carminative (they move gas out of the intestinal tract). Oil of anise is a natural insecticide.

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