Every magical based idea, species, etc. has a set guide line that they must follow, whether they choose to do so or not is up to them but they are there.   It can a specific set of rules set up by an ancient being or it can be something that nature provided to protect those that are not magically base.  Either way they are there.

The Laws Edit

Source: The Dresden Files.

1)      Thou shalt not kill by use of magic.

a)      The First Law of Magic is Thou Shalt Not Kill. It forbids the killing with magic, specifically the killing of humans

2)      Thou shalt not transform others.

a)      The Second Law of Magic forbids the shapeshifting of other beings.

3)      Thou shalt not invade the mind of another.

a)      The Third Law of Magic concerns the use of psychomancy.

i)        Psychomancy is the use of magic concerned with the mind.

4)      Thou shalt not enthrall another.

a)      The Fourth Law of Magic forbids the binding of any being against its will.

5)      Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life.

a)      The Fifth Law of Magic forbids the use of necromancy

6)      Thou shalt not swim against the Currents of Time.

a)      The Sixth Law of Magic concerns the use of magic in relation to time.

7)      Thou shalt not seek beyond the Outer Gates.

a)      The Seventh Law of Magic is Thou Shalt Not Open the Outer Gates

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