Prue Halliwell


Born: October 28th, 1971
Species: Witch

Prue Halliwell is a fictional character on Charmed.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

Basic Powers

Spell Casting':' The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
Potion Making':' The ability to brew potions.
Scrying':' The ability to locate a person or object by use of a scrying crystal, a map, and sometimes other tools.

Active Powers

Telekinesis':' The ability to move objects and beings with the mind. This is Prue's primary Wiccan active power.
Telematerialization: The ability to use telekinesis to teleport liquids.
Deviation':' The ability to use a power to deflect magical energies and objects back in the direction they came from. Prue was able to push attacks or powers back telekinetically.
Agility': 'The ability to enhance one's physical agility, speed and balance.  Prue achieves this ability through the use of Telekinesis and was able to perform enhanced acrobatics.
Advanced Telekinesis': 'The power to produce powerful waves of telekinetic energy and to use telekinesis with potentially explosive force.
Astral Projection':' The ability to project the consciousness in an astral form outside of the body. Prue gained this power in her second year of being a witch.

Other Powers

The Power of Three':' The collective power of the Charmed Ones.
High Resistance': 'The ability to be highly resistant to physical and magical harm. Prue possesses this due to being an upper-level witch.
Temporary Powers: Powers that Prue temporarily gained when she was transformed into or swapped powers with

Significant Spells:Edit

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