Protection Spells


Source: Charmed

to protect not only the living but also places and objects. Although there are protection spells, no potions are known to exist.

Protection Spell #1Edit


9 Candles

- 3 White candles

- 3 Black candles

- 2 Red candles

- 1 Green Candle



Chalice filled with Wine

Bowl filled with assorted herbs

Light the candles and chant:

Auger De Gomay, Auger De Gomay

Ancient One of the Earth so Deep

Master of Moon and Sun

I shield you in my Wiccan Way

Here in my circle round

Asking you, Protect this space

And offer your Sun force down

Protection Spell #2Edit

You will need a sage stick.

'Li'ght the top of sage stick and let the smoke fill the room while chanting:

Favour us, Sister Moon with your protective beams.

Give all who dwell within this spell,

safe days and sweet dreams

for those who dwell underneath this roof.

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