Magic is a form of energy. It can be used by magical beings, wizards, and under certain conditions or with help even by non-magical mortals.''

Magic in its simplest form is the energy produced by life. Practitioners are able to use this energy to modify reality. One of the main attributes about magic is that its rules are always slightly changing and an example of this is how it currently effects technology. According to Jim Butcher, "Magic wasn’t always screwing up post WW2 tech. Before WW2 magic had other effects. It sort of changes slowly over time, and about every 3 centuries it rolls over into something else. At one time, instead of magic making machines flip out it made cream go bad. Before that magic made weird molls on your skin and fire would burn slightly different colors when you were around it."[1] Currently, magic interferes with technology and causes it to randomly break down; the more magic in the area, the greater the chance of something wrong happening.

This does not effect minor practioners as much as full wizards because of the different energy levels they control.

Magic always comes with a price!!!!!!

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