A extremely powerful spell cast by Bonnie that summoned the forces of nature to do her will. The spell called on the rage of thunder and lightning, the heat of fire, the substance of the ground, the life force of the trees and the ferocity of the wind to trample within Klaus, causing his entire system to break. His bones and tissues are broken and ripped from the inside, stopping his transition into a hybrid and making him experience the pain of a thousand men. The spell required the power of a hundred dead witches acting in one channel, Bonnie, to direct this enormous energy, enough to kill an Original such as Klaus if Bonnie continued. By far, this is the most powerful spell the whole series has exhibited.


Phesmatos Infero Eseri afero  Gratas, Disasustos Vom! Mas Pro Jeta Sue Te! Victas Et Melam, phesmatos

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