Dream Pillow



Follow the instructions below to create your dream pillow.


  1. dried hibiscus flower
  2. dried jasmine flower
  3. peppermint leaf
  4. damiana leaf
  5. dandelion leaf
  6. jasmine oil
  7. Egyptian Black Cat candle
  8. fabric & organic stuffing to sew a small pillow


By the light of a Full Moon, anoint the Egyptian Black Cat candle with jasmine oil. Light it, and solely by the light of this candle, sew a small pillow by hand, while repeating silently

by the light of the Moon
I dream
by the light of my soul
I see
with understanding and light
I dream through the night

Stuff the finished pillow with the herbs and pillow stuffing (preferably natural and organic cotton or wool). Sprinkle it with jasmine oil, and let the candle burn all the way down.

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