Conjuration is the magical ability to draw objects and beings into existence from thin air. It can be used to create desired objects from the imagination or to replicate objects from illustrations or fiction. This power is triggered by the imagination and its limits are dependent on the user's power and creativity.

The effects of Conjuration can also be achieved through spell casting or similar abilities such as Projection.

==Usage and Strength ==

The power and limits of conjuration are dependent on the user. In its most basic form, this ability is often used to conjure athames. However, it has also been shown used to conjure other weapons such as baseball bats, crossbows and guns.



The act of summoning one or more spirits with a predetermined purpose. The conjurer performs some type of ritual to call upon the spirit and often times this include using certain magic symbols drawn on the floor and/or altar. The conjurer will usually perform this at a specific time; Depending on what they are conjuring it could be done at a specific time during the day/night or according to the alignment of the planets. Incense, candles and potions are commonly used coupled with a specific spell to summon a spirit.

"Conjure" is also, in some regions, an alternative term for Hoodoo -- African-American folk magic -- that may or may not involve spirit-summoning.

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