Call Blood to Blood


Source: Charmed

Spell for calling anyone within your blood line to you.

*type of seance spell*


3 sprigs Rosemary for remembrance

2 tablespoons chopped Ground Holly for spirit calling

A pinch of Cypress for longevity

1 shredded Yarrow Root for contacting relatives

Incantation and Instructions:Edit

Let the herbs be prepared while the name of the love one is repeated by the preparer.

Place the herbs in a silver bowl.

Lay in a treasure of the loved one, should one be available.

With a knife, prick the left finger, so the blood will flow straight from the heart.

Add the blood to the bowl, calling the name of the loved one and saying,

"Blood of our blood, we summon thee."

The loved one will be summoned in full wholeness and freshness of life

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