Bonnie Bennett
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Born: 1992
Species: Witch

Bonnie Bennett is a fictional character from The Vampire Diaries series

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • 'Channeling':<span style="line-height: 115%; font-family: "Times New Roman","serif"; font-size: JERMEY HELP ME ELENA PLS HELP DAMON ALSO
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  • Conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an element, object, person, or spirit already in existence.

  • 'Elemental Control': The act of controlling and manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather.

  • 'Mind Control': The act of controlling and manipulating the minds of humans. (Similar to Compulsion)

. This is about another witch SYLVIA . Sylvia is born in 1925 she became a witch at 16 years old she is now still 16 . Sylvia made a spell for her to stay 16 forever.

  • Mind Stunning: The act of bemusing and rendering someone unconscious.

  • 'Pain Infliction': The act of creating and inflicting excruciating pain upon another person, especially vampires.

  • Precognition: The act of foreseeing future events and happenings.

  • 'Spell Casting': The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence.

  • 'Telekinesis': The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons.

  • Witches Brew: The act of brewing and concocting supernatural elixirs and potions that contain mystical properties.

Significant SpellsEdit

  • Transferring of John Gilbert's life force to Elena Gilbert's

  • Resurrection of Jeremy Gilbert

  • Breaking the seal to opening Esther's coffin.

  • Desiccation of Klaus

  • Transferring of Klaus's soul to Tyler's body

  • Dying to try and bring Elena back to her.

  •      Transferring Klaus's soul to his body again.
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